Our Process for Exterior Painting:

We begin by pulling any gravel away from the foundation of your home.

Pressure wash the whole home, top to bottom to ensure it’s free of dirt and debris. We then allow the home to fully dry any moisture out of the substrate.

Mask off all windows, concrete, fixtures, and any other unpainted surfaces with tape, paper, plastic, and heavy-duty drop cloths.

Make all necessary patches and repairs to the siding or drywall making sure to blend/feather-out properly for a smooth finish.

Paint the body of the home with a cross-hatch pattern to ensure proper coverage. (Think of painting in a pound sign pattern #)

Paint pop-outs, accents, and any doors. Entry doors are always lightly sanded before painting to ensure optimal adhesion.

Scrape the fascia, and any remaining woodwork as needed, and paint.

Unmask and haul trash away.

Final walk-through/touch-ups and final payment.